Polyketones are semi-crystalline engineering thermoplastic polymers with excellent mechanical, thermal and chemical resistance properties. The PAEK polymer family is mainly used where critical or specialist applications demand a high performance polymer, and can be injection molded, extruded, compression molded, laminated, thermoformed and 3D printed.

PEEK (polyetheretherketone) polymers

The most widely used member of the PAEK family is polyetheretherketone, commonly known as PEEK. Smithers supports clients with a range of PEEK testing services.

Industries where PEEK materials are commonly used include:

GPC for molecular weight distribution testing of PEEK materials at Smithers

Molecular weight characterization by GPC is required to help gain a full insight into material properties. From raw polymer materials to processed product, GPC testing allows for a deep level of analysis, which is particularly useful in ‘mission critical’ scenarios with PEEK materials.

For example in medical applications, you will need assurances of consistent material usage and performance throughout the PEEK material within and across batches – something which characterizing polymer molecular weight can establish and Smithers can support with.

Physical, chemical and mechanical testing PEEK materials - PEEK testing

Our polymer experts are also able to perform physical, chemical and mechanical testing of PEEK materials to assess durability and performance characteristics, ensuring the PEEK materials are suitable for the required applications, including: For more information on GPC molecular weight distribution and physical, chemical and mechanical materials testing for PEEK polymers and the wider PAEK family, please get in touch.
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