Chromatographic techniques have applications in all industry sectors – whether you need regulatory or legislation-driven testing, assistance with production issues, failure diagnosis or data to support research and development, chromatography can help to provide a solution.

Chromatography provides separation of the substances in your sample, followed by quantification and/or identification of the individual substances. Gas chromatography (GC, GC-MS etc.) is typically applicable to volatile and semi-volatile, thermally stable compounds, whereas liquid chromatography (LC-MS, HPLC etc.) complements GC to provide analysis for medium to low volatility, thermally labile and highly polar compounds.

The following chromatographic techniques are available at Smithers:

Smithers has recently invested in new, state-of-the-art GC-MS and HPLC instrumentation. These efforts to increase the lab's capacity and internal expertise are designed to better support clients' rubber and polymer material challenges.

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