Critt Ohlemacher

Critt Ohlemacher, PhD, is a Senior Materials Scientist at the Smithers rubber and polymer testing laboratory in Akron, Ohio. He works with the physical properties testing and chemical analysis teams on projects related to mixing and compounding, reconstruction and reverse engineering, and analytical techniques. 

Expertise: Chemical Analysis and Physical Testing

Critt has over thirty years of experience in physical testing and chemical analysis of rubber and polymer materials. He has special expertise in reverse engineering of elastomers and plastics, bloom and inclusion identification, additive identification and quantitation, compounding, headspace analysis, and plasticizers, antioxidants, and antiozonants.
Prior to joining the team at Smithers, Critt ran a contract testing laboratory at the University of Akron. He also worked in technical operations, development engineering, regulatory compliance, and metallurgy. 

Qualifications and Professional Accreditation

Critt has a Bachelor’s degree in physics from Ohio University and a Doctor of Philosophy and Master’s of Science in polymer science from the University of Akron. He is a member of the American Chemical Society, the Rubber Division of the American Chemical Society, SPE, ASM International, and the American Physical Society.
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