Force and moment (F&M) data can be the key to explaining the tire’s contribution to steering, handling, stopping distance, and accident avoidance. Cornering force plots can be compared to indicate steering gain, linearity, and potential for rollover. The slope and shape of aligning moment curves can provide understanding about how the steering system provides driver feedback. Braking data can be used to assist ABS algorithm development. Combined cornering/braking and transient test results can be helpful to guide development of chassis controls.

How Smithers Can Help with Force and Moment Testing

Smithers can provide force and moment data for passenger, light truck, ATV, motorcycle, and moderate-sized off-road vehicles. Our MTS Flat-Trac III and CT Plus can test tire loads up to 5500 lb (25 kN) and speeds up to 199 mph (320 kph). In addition, the CT-Plus is also capable of 4,425 ft-lb (6000N-m) of driving and braking torque. We can evaluate your tires using standard test procedures, or work with you to develop custom procedures to meet your specific needs. Our standard measurements include all six forces and moments, loaded radius, effective rolling radius, slip angle, slip ratio, camber, tire tread temperatures, and others.
Tires requiring maximum loads up to 10,000 lb (45 k-N), ranging in size from small aircraft to heavy truck can be tested on our low speed rig. In addition to free-rolling force and moment (F&M) measurements, options available on our low speed test include:
  • Stresses and motions in the tire footprint
  • Lateral, longitudinal and vertical spring rates
  • Custom items, such as force development with distance rolled, bead/rim pressures, etc.
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