The ASTM D2240 standard is used to evaluate the hardness of a rubber sample with the use of a series of tests performed with a durometer. Hardness is measured when a force is applied to the sample with an indentor under specific conditions. The indentation hardness is then determined based on the elastic modulus and viscoelastic behavior of the sample.

Test Details

The ASTM D2240 test method is used to evaluate the hardness of the following types of rubber materials: thermoplastic elastomers, vulcanized rubber, elastomeric materials, and some types of plastics. This test method is not used to evaluate the hardness of coated materials. Utilizing this standard, hardness can be evaluated using the following types of durometers: Types A, D, and M. This method should not be compared to other indentation hardness methods and the equipment used as results will vary.

Types of products / materials generally tested under ASTM D2240
  • Thermoplastic Elastomers
  • Vulcanized Rubber
  • Elastomeric Materials
Please Note: The information outlined above is to be used as reference for ASTM D2240 Standard Test Method for Rubber Property - Durometer Hardness. Please refer to ASTM International for full details and the most current revision.
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