Smithers works with companies throughout the supply chain. We consistently see the same key drivers behind packaging and logistics projects. We aim to support our clients by providing services that:
  • Identify cost reduction opportunities and deliver cost avoidance
  • Address the needs of e-commerce by improving customer service and on-time delivery
  • Achieve legal and regulatory compliance
  • Delivers progress against the requirement of sustainability
  • Delivers against quality requirements in complex and global supply chains
  • Reduce damage and improves the appearance of products at the point of sale.

Our supply chain audits

Smithers provides relevant technical solutions that incorporate and take account of commercial drivers and requirements.  Whether improvement relates to a local portion of a supply chain or to the extended supply system, our clients benefit from our ability to combine technical and commercial factors, as well as both local and global implications. In recent years Smithers has undertaken supply chain audit projects around the world, including China, Brazil, Kenya, India and Egypt, as well as extensively in Europe and North America. 

Throughout our audits, we will investigate the following:

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