In a bid to reduce fraudulent attacks using cheques, the C&CCC and ourselves have devised a testing program which investigates print adhesion to cheque paper. Cheque fraud costs millions every year, and our tests are based on the known methods used by these fraudsters.

Laser printers used for infilling cheques for UK banks have to attain a minimum level of toner adhesion, as specified in the C&CCC 3.1 standard. The approved list of laser printers used for cheque infilling is issued by C&CCC at regular intervals. The list can be downloaded from the Cheque and Credit Clearing Company website

For laser printers used to print the MICR lines on cheques, Smithers carries out a MICR pre-test. This is specified in the C&CCC 3.3 standard and must be carried out before the printer is entered into the reader/sorter test arranged by C&CCC. 

We also operate a similar scheme for inkjet printers. 

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