Smithers hardness blocks

  • Available in sets of six blocks covering the hardness range 40-90 IRHD or Shore A (individual blocks can be provided)
  • Boxed to preserve quality
  • Plate glass base included
  • Moulded from materials with excellent ageing properties
  • Every block is individually tested
  • UKAS test certificate included
  • Retesting and worn block replacement service.
Sets should be returned to Smithers for re-testing. Dependant on use, this varies between six months and two years. The blocks should be replaced when they appear worn or the hardness of the block is not acceptable at the time of testing.


  • Standard blocks: each block is normally 60mm x 50mm x 9mm.
  • Round blocks (45mm diameter) and blocks of other dimensions are available on request.
  • Sets of smaller blocks for use with micro hardness testers are also available.
To find out more or to make an order, please contact our featured expert.
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