Fluid aging and materials testing is used to assess how a material or product will perform when exposed to particular fluids it may encounter in its final service environment. Accelerated fluid aging tests can be achieved by introducing a heat process into the test environment.

Some of the common fluids tested include:
  • Automotive ­– oil, coolant, gasoline, ATF, diesel fuel
  • Industrial – cleaners, fire suppressant
  • Aviation – fuels, hydraulic oils, antifreeze, de-icer, surface cleaner
  • Food – milk fats, bovine waste

Industries we serve

Our fluids testing expertise

Our experts can conduct fluid aging testing to specific industry standards — including ASTM, ISO, SAE, Fed, MIL, DEF, FDA, and OEM — or design a custom protocol based on your product or material’s exact service environment. We have years of experience handling industry-specific fluids of all kinds and take steps to ensure a safe working environment every step of the way.

Common fluids testing standards

  • ASTM D471 — Standard Test Method for Rubber Property — Effect of Liquids
  • ISO 1817 — Rubber, vulcanized or thermoplastic — Determination of the Effect of Liquids
  • RTCA DO-160G — Environmental Conditions and Test Procedures for Airborne Equipment
  • MIL-STD-810G — Environmental Engineering Considerations and Laboratory Tests
  • DEF STAN 00-35 — Environmental Handbook for Defense Material
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