Smithers expertize covers several key stages of the product development process. Our business and technical experts can assist your full development team with the unique challenges that each stage presents. 

Market Intelligence

Our team of industry experts have developed market research reports designed to support your market sizing and strategy efforts. From market size to changing industry dynamics and competitive activity, our market reports lead the industry with the intelligence required to make critical business decisions for new and existing product lines. In addition, our strategic consultants can conduct custom studies to support your specfic market intelligence requirements. 

Material Selection

From product to packaging, our chemists and material scientists can work with your development teams to properly assess and choose the best materials for the job. With specialized expertise in industrial chemicals, polymer, paper, and printing materials, our laboratories are equipped to carry out both standard and custom testing.

Product Testing

Depending on the end product, final validation must be carried out with a series of stanard and custom testing protocols. Our teams are there to ensure that the testing program will properly evaluate that the product will operate as designed and stand up to real world use case scenarios. From environmental conditioning, to mechanical shock and more, we we can develop a plan around your specific requirements. 

Package Testing

Once the product is complete, it must make it to it's destination intact and ready to perform. Today, that could be through a rapidly evolving supply chain that includes e-commerce or traditional retail or wholesale environments. Our team of packaging professionals understand the various challenges that the supply chain presents and can support a testing program to optimize your final package design. 

Quality Assurance

Ensuring consistent, top quality of your manufactured products is critical. But, we understand that the quality management process can present challenges along the way. Our auditors and quality professionals can assist with the whole process; from initial process reviews to final accreditation auditing. We also provide services to assist your purchasing teams in evaluating and auditing suppliers through a complex supply chain. 

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