Chemistry tests offered:
Product Chemistry*  
Accelerated Storage Stability  
Acidity / Alkalinity  
Aerosol Spray Pattern and Valve Operation (Technical Characteristics)  
FAO Pesticide Specifications 8.11.4
Appearance, Physical state, Colour, Odour  
See EPA Guideline
Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy No Guideline
Auto-Ignition (Liquid)
EC Test A15
Boiling Point OECD 103 / EC Test A2
Density Liquid OECD 109 / EC Test A3
Density Solid OECD 109 / EC Test A3
Density Bulk / Tap CIPAC MT 186
Combined Melting and Boiling Point  (Differential Scanning Calorimetry) OECD 102 & 103 / EC Tests A1  & A2
Corrosion Testing  See EPA Guideline
Dilution Stability CIPAC MT 41 / 179
Dispersability  CIPAC MT 160 / 174 / 180
Dissociation Constant OECD 112
Dissolution of Water Soluble Bag CIPAC MT 176
Dust Content CIPAC MT 171
Dustability CIPAC MT 34
Effectiveness of Cleaning Procedures No Guideline
Emulsifiability  CIPAC MT 36.3
Emulsion Stability - Colourimetric Method CIPAC MT 173
Explosive Properties (DSC)  EC Test A14
Explosive Properties (Theoretical)  EC Test A14
Flammability in Contact with Water  EC Test A12
Flammability (Solids)  EC Test A10 (UN N.1)
Flash Point  EC A9
Flowability  CIPAC MT 172.1
Friability and Attrition  CIPAC MT 178 / 178.2
Persistent Foam CIPAC MT 47.1
Granulometry CIPAC MT 170
IR Spectroscopy No Guideline
Light Stability (Liquid)  No Guideline
Light Stability (Solid)  No Guideline
Low Temperature Stability  CIPAC MT 39.3
Mass Spectrometry  No Guideline
Melting / Freezing Point  OECD 102 / EC Test A1
Method Development  No Guideline
Method Validation  SANCO/3030/99 or SANCO/3029/99
Oxidising Properties (Liquid) EC Test A21
Oxidising Properties (Solid)  EC Test A17
Oxidising Properties (Theoretical)  EC Test A17
Packaging Integrity CropLife Technical Monograph No. 17
Partition Coefficient n-Octanol/Water - HPLC Simulation OECD 117 / EC Test A8
Partition Coefficient n-Octanol/Water - Shake Flask  OECD 107 / EC Test A8
Partition Coefficient n-Octanol/Water – Slow Stir  OECD 123
Pigment, Binder and Volatiles Content No Guideline
Pourability CIPAC MT 148.1
Preliminary analysis (5-batch) See EPA Guideline
Pyrophoric Properties (in Contact with Air) EC Test A13
Relative Density  OECD 109 / EC Test A3
Scientific Waiver  No Guideline
Self-Ignition Temperature (Solid)  EC Test A16
Shelf-Life  GIFAP Monograph 17
Sieve Analysis (Air Jet Sieve) CIPAC MT 58, 59 and 170
Soils Adsorption Coefficient by HPLC  OECD 121
Solution/Extraction Behavior of Polymers in Water   OECD 120
Solubility in Organic Solvents  CIPAC MT 181
Stability in Organic Solvents and Identity of Relevant Degradation Products  
Stability of Dilute Emulsion CIPAC MT 36.3
Stability to Metals See EPA Guideline
Surface Tension  OECD 115 / EC Test A5
Suspensibility  CIPAC MT 184
UV / Vis Spectroscopy OECD 101
Vapour Pressure OECD 104 / EC Test A4
Viscosity  OECD 114 / CIPAC MT 192
Water Preparation (CIPAC) CIPAC MT 18
Water Solubility - Low Sol (Column Elution or Slow Stir)  OECD 105 / EC Test A6
Water Solubility - High Sol (Shake Flask)  OECD 105 / EC Test A6
Wet Sieve Analysis CIPAC MT 185 / 182
Wettability CIPAC MT 53.3
Residue Chemistry  
Analytical Method Development and Validation  See EPA Guideline
Animal Feeding Studies OECD 505
Dislodgeable Foliar Residue Studies See EPA Guidelines
Fish and Shellfish Residue Studies See EPA Guideline
Groundwater and Surface Water Studies See EPA Guideline
Human Food Safety and Residue Analysis  See EPA Guideline
Independent Laboratory Validation of Analytical Methods (ILV)  See EPA Guideline
Magnitude of Residue (MOR) and Residue Decline Studies OECD 509
Maximum Residue Limits Animal Health Medicines  VICH GL49, GL56, GL57
Operator / Worker Exposure Studies See EPA Guideline
Radiovalidation of Analytical Methods using Aged Samples Originating from 14C-metabolism, Field or Feeding Studies (Plant, Animal) See EPA Guideline
Storage Stability Studies OECD 506

* Smithers has experience of performing these tests across a range of product types including plant protection products, biocidal products, veterinary medicines, pharmaceuticals and industrial chemicals:

CIPAC – Collaborative International Pesticides Analytical Council
MT – Miscellaneous Techniques EC Test – Council Regulation (EC) No 440/2008
SANCO – European Commission Directorate General Health and Consumer Protection, now known as SANTE
VICH = Veterinary International Conference on Harmonization
CVM = Center for Veterinary Medicine
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