Global Prepress Markets

The global market for lithographic plates and platesetters has experienced significant change in recent years, with rising demand in key emerging markets but also declines in more mature markets following the global economic downturn and also changing requirements from printers.

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Recognizing a need for suppliers to have access to accurate and timely information on this market, Smithers launched a global syndicated research program focusing on lithographic plates and platesetters.
We are now commencing the 2017 renewal of this service with most subscribers from the leading suppliers within these marketings already participating.

Why take part in the program:

Each participating company will receive -
  • Summary data on lithographic plate and platesetter sales worldwide
  • Details of your own company’s ranking performance
  • Access to accurate and timely information ensuring you can make
  • confident strategic business plans for success.

What information will I have to supply?

You will need to supply us with sales data on lithographic plate and platesetter sales on a quarterly basis. All subscriber input and names are kept confidentially.
Subscription options:
- Both Lithographic plates and platesetters £4,000
- Lithographic plates or platesetters only £3,000
Smithers members receive 10% discount

How do I get involved?

The study will be commencing shortly, ensure you don’t miss out on gaining vital business data.
Find out more by filling out the contact us form or speak to Stephen Hill tel: +44 (0) 1372 802025

Name Global Prepress Markets

Date 1/3/2017

Price $6000.00

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