Autonomous Vehicle Image Sensors to 2023 – a State of the Art Report

With around 80 million cars being produced worldwide in 2017 and camera-based ADAS becoming mandatory in many markets, the automotive field is considered a key technological innovation driver of image sensors.

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Our exclusive content:

  • In-depth analyses of the key developments in image sensors for the ADAS, ADS and automotive market to 2023.
  • Comprehensive information on the top 20 technological innovations and challenges, based on solution potential and commercial impact.
  • An overview of key opportunities for image sensors in ADAS and ADS applications to 2023


A Delphi-type study was used for this report comprising industry survey, assessment and feedback. This was initiated with an extensive literature and patent research, data collection and discussions with industry experts from key stakeholder groups, including image sensor business and R&D, vision system and software developers, and automotive suppliers and manufacturers, and other research organisations and consultants. This was combined to create a pool of expert knowledge covering all relevant areas of the industry.
The report drew on this expertise to identify and rank the top 20 technology challenges in image sensors for ADAS and autonomous vehicles, ranked based on their solution potential and commercial impact during the forecast period.

What will you discover?

  • A complete overview of the technological challenges and innovations for image sensors in the ADAS and autonomous vehicle market.
  • Gain insight into the current and future developments within the market to aid your business’s strategic plans.
  • Understand the state of-the-art in ADAS and autonomous imaging technologies, emerging solutions and their commercial impact.

Who should buy this report?

  • Image sensor suppliers
  • Imaging system and
  • software suppliers
  • Automotive sector suppliers
  • Automotive manufacturers
  • Consultants and analysts

Name Autonomous Vehicle Image Sensors to 2023 – a State of the Art Report

Date 6/11/2018

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