The Future of European Food & Drink Packaging to 2023

This exclusive in-depth investigation of the European food and drink market shows these two applications will consume 1.13 trillion packs in 2018.

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Our exclusive content:

  • In-depth, quantitative forecasts for food, drink and food service packaging consumption in Europe segmented by packaging type, material, retail channel, end-use application, and key national market
  • Qualitative analysis of the key factors shaping and driving future demand for different food and drink packaging technology across the five years to 2023
  • Over 400 tables and figures providing data by tonnage and packaging units to deliver strategic insight in a format that is easy-to-use and cross-reference

What will you discover?

  • Authoritative forecasts for historic, current and future consumption of 32 different food, beverage and food-service packaging formats and 21 different product types
  • Comparative analysis of the differing end-user demands for all of Europe’s key national markets
  • Comprehensive insight of the impact of evolving consumer preference, design, filling technology, regulatory, economic, and retail factors

What methodology is used?

This new Smithers study has a dual foundation in an extensive program of both primary and secondary research. Primary research included refinement of Smithers’ databases on regional and national packaging and print databases, supported by interviews with key individuals at leading companies in material supply, package converting, brand owner and retail segments.
Secondary research includes full scrutiny of trade press, company websites and press releases, and frequent attendance at all major packaging industry trade shows and conferences in Europe and worldwide. This combined with analysis of economic forecasts, demographic and population changes, national and EU legislation, sustainability and technology developments in packaging and retail environment.

Who should buy this report?

  • Packaging converters
  • Raw material suppliers
  • Food and beverage brand owners
  • Supermarket and food-service retailers
  • Consultants and analysts

Name The Future of European Food & Drink Packaging to 2023

Date 2/26/2018

Price $6500.00

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