5 Ways ISO 45001 Helps Solidify Occupational Health and Safety

5 Ways ISO 45001 Helps Solidify Occupational Health and Safety

Occupational injuries, diseases, and high-risk working hazards are a significant burden for both the employer, employee and the economy as a whole – these undesirable outcomes can result in gaps in staffing, rising insurance costs, or worst of all tragic loss. In fact, companies that pay closer attention to transparency in their operation and supply chains tend to build trust throughout their organizations with their workers, and this can be an excellent base for improved productivity. Large, multinational corporations have been called on the carpet for their subcontractors’ working conditions, so perhaps now more than ever, Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) responsible practices are vital to brands and the reputations that go with them.

What is ISO 45001 and How Does it Fit In?

According to www.iso.org, ISO 45001 is the world’s first international standard that deals directly with Occupational Health and Safety, offering a single and clear framework for organizations looking to provide a healthy workplace for employees and potential visitors. This standard was built to help companies address all the factors that might contribute to injuries, sickness, and even the possible death of their team members within their work environment. ISO 45001 also assists organizations with building systems that work to reduce the risks and negative effects on the physical, mental, and emotional condition of their employees.

Why Should You Care About the ISO 45001 Standard?

With proper implementation, an ISO 45001 certified OH&S management system takes a risk-based approach and provides a scalable solution that is effective at promoting continual improvement that fosters adaptation as the company changes and grows.

Here are some of the additional benefits certification brings:

  1. Trust and Loyalty – ISO 45001 demonstrates a proactive approach to workplace security and an open-mindedness toward continual improvement within an organization. This can go a long way in increasing employee morale, as well as overall trust that the company is holding itself socially accountable for their entire team’s well-being. This certification also lends itself to supporting transparency and corporate social responsibility, both of which are critical in the modern era.

  2. Consistency = Efficiency – The ISO 45001 standard is built around a best practices approach, and when implemented and adamantly adhered to, this philosophy can guide the organization in setting consistent, thorough, and strong procedures that lead to greater efficiencies across the board.

  3. Risk Prevention – Taking care and working to prevent potential hazards before they happen is the ultimate in maximizing potential for avoiding disasters. A dedicated OH&S management system provides the framework for an “early warning system” to help identify potential threats before they occur.

  4. Enhanced Reputation and Social Responsibility – Achieving this certification also tells your customers and interested parties that the company is on the path to supporting transparency and corporate social responsibility, both of which are critical in the modern era.

  5. Decreased Costs – With the implementation of ISO 45001, lower insurance premiums become a real possibility due to a demonstrated commitment and plan in place for employee well-being. Additionally, through process efficiency and less time lost due to accidents or near misses, costs can be reduced.

Managing health and securiity risks should be top-of-mind for every company, even for those who haven’t reported an accident or injury for an extended period. ISO 45001 certification goes a long way to helping organizations implement processes that work to achieve the safest possible work environment. And nothing is truly more refreshing than employers striving for better workplaces where employees can do their jobs effectively, while still making it home to their families and friends.

Smithers supports ISO 45001 auditing and certification services for companies looking to provide a framework to improve employee safety, reduce workplace risks and create better, safer working conditions.

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