Automotive Hose Testing Services

A car or truck needs a network of different hoses, connectors and fluid transfer assemblies to support its critical functions, and the durability and compatibility needs of a particular hose will vary depending on its purpose and location within the vehicle.

Our hose testing experts have years of experience conducting standard testing protocols including OEM approved testing, or designing custom hose testing protocols for automotive hoses, hose connectors and assemblies of all kinds, as well as the materials used in hose construction. Some common types include:
  • Brake lines 
  • Fuel lines
  • Transmission (TOC) hose lines
  • Air conditioning (A/C) hoses
  • Heater hoses
  • Coolant and radiator hoses 
  • Power steering hoses
  • Intercooler hoses
  • Hydraulic hoses
  • Turbocharger hoses
  • Battery cooling hoses

Automotive Product Testing

Our laboratories offer a wide range of capabilities that provide hose manufacturers with great flexibility for evaluating specific performance requirements.

Key capabilities include:  Other capabilities include:

Common Standards for Automotive Hose Testing

Our experts can work with you to design a custom hose testing program to meet your automotive testing needs. We can also test to a wide range of SAE standards, and government and MIL specifications, including:
  • ASTM D380 – Standard Test Methods for Rubber Hose
  • SAE J1610 – Test Method for Evaluating the Sealing Capability of Hose Connections with a PVT Test Facility
  • SAE J2044 / J2045 – Quick Connect Coupling Specification for Liquid Fuel and Vapor/Emissions Systems
  • SAE 2260 – Nonmetallic Fuel System Tubing with One or More Layers
  • FMVSS 106 – Test methods for brake hose, brake hose assemblies, and brake hose end fittings
  • GMW 14785 – Coolant Joint Pressure Vibration Temperature (PVT) Cycle Test
  • GMW 16153 – Charge Air Cooler Ducts
  • ESDG93-8260-AA – Coolant Hoses and Clamps
  • ESDG93-18B402-AA – Coolant Hose Quick Connector
  • PF-11118 – Engine Coolant Plumbing Assembly
  • PF.9.0080 – Coolant Hoses and Plumbing Assemblies
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Automotive Hose Testing

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