We assist clients with the testing of cartridges which are typically used in conjunction with pen, jet, and auto injectors by developing and validating custom test protocols.

Typical cartridge testing in accordance with ISO 11608-3:2012 performed within Smithers include:

  • Plunger Force
  • Leakage (attribute)
  • Dimensions – length, overall diameter and plunger insertion depth
  • Eccentricity (attribute)
  • Meniscus (attribute)
  • Resealability (attribute)
  • Coring (variable)

Where a product functionality falls outside the parameters of standard testing, we are able to develop a bespoke testing programme to assess your product’s performance.

Accreditation and Quality

Our laboratories are UKAS accredited to ISO 17025, and we can undertake activities with GMP compliance if required.

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