Rubber infill is commonly used in playground construction, field turf, molded products, and rubberized asphalt, to name just a few. The use of recycled rubber in particular is growing in popularity as a sustainability practice. Recycled rubber can come from many different sources, therefore it must be carefully tested to ensure compliance with safety expectations. 

The labs at Smithers are fully equipped for a wide variety of recycled rubber analysis, and our experts have the necessary skills and experience to devise a rubber testing program that will suit the needs of your product’s ultimate use. Our testing services include:

  • Material benchmarking
  • Mixing/compounding studies
  • Durability and physical properties testing
  • Extraction studies including heavy metal quantification

Common Standards:

  • ASTM D297 – Standard Test Methods for Rubber Products—Chemical Analysis
  • ASTM D3677 – Standard Test Methods for Rubber—Identification by Infrared Spectrophotometry
  • ASTM D3849 – Standard Test Method for Carbon Black—Morphological Characterization of Carbon Black Using Electron Microscopy
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