Wes Gray

As Senior Scientist and Project Lead, Wes is responsible for all phases of sample analysis, instrument maintenance, method development, and accurate reporting of laboratory results. His role includes ensuring the fulfillment of client expectations such as timeline requirements, regulatory compliance, and preparation of all project-related documentation and reports. He is based in the migration chemistry lab located in Akron, Ohio, which supports extractables and leachables studies for the medical device, pharmaceutical, and food industries.

Wes has 25 years of experience in chemistry and laboratory operations management in the pharmaceutical and pharmacological industries, as well as quality assurance and environmental sample analysis. He most recently worked as the research operations manager at the Pediatric Pharmacology Research Center at the University of Toledo in Toledo, Ohio.

Qualifications and Accreditations

Wes holds a Master’s of Science degree in Analytical Chemistry and a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from Youngstown State University. His work has been published in the International Journal of Developmental Neuroscience and other journals.
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