The Future of Global Corrugated Board Packaging to 2025

Demand for corrugated packaging material has grown steadily since 2018, rising by more than 3.5% annually, and will likely show slightly better growth over the medium term. Through 2025, we can expect the market to increase by more than 4% per annum to reach nearly 200 million tonnes.

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Our exclusive content:

  • Exclusive market sizes and 5-year forecasts for the corrugated packaging industry
  • Expert analysis of the evolution of the global corrugated packaging market, commercial realities and regulatory developments and the subsequent impact these have upon the market
  • Over 100 data tables and figures giving an unparalleled level of strategic insight and technical detail into the corrugated packaging market.

What will you discover?

  • The effect the expanding e-commerce market has upon the corrugated packaging industry
  • Current and forecast regulatory and industry sustainability developments and how these will impact corrugated packaging markets
  • How end users are driving consumption of corrugated packaging

What methodology is used?

This report is based on an original investigation combining both primary and secondary research targeted specifically on the corrugated packaging industry. Primary research involved confidential telephone interviews with informed sources.
This was combined with a comprehensive secondary research program encompassing industry trade associations, company websites, research studies, conference papers and articles in specialist industry journals.

About the Author

Stephen Harrod, Consultant, Paper and Board, Packaging
Stephen Harrod spent eleven years building a market research company in South Africa, focused on the paper and packaging industry in that country, following which he spent six years in the paper industry with Mondi and JAC Labels before relocating to England. He has been authoring reports for Smithers since 2006, with a focus on global paper and packaging markets. Stephen is responsible for a range of Smithers reports including the Global Corrugated Market, the Global Folding Carton Market, Retail Ready Packaging, Liquid Packaging Board, Sustainable e-Commerce Packaging and many others.

Who should buy this report?

  • Raw material suppliers
  • Corrugated board manufacturers
  • Packaging manufacturers
  • End-users in the packaging sector
  • Industry consultants and analysts
The Future of Global Corrugated Board Packaging to 2025

Name The Future of Global Corrugated Board Packaging to 2025

Date 3/27/2020

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